20 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

It's my first time to use this kind of writing type. I think it's really effective to develop our writing skills, and improve our grammar knowledge. Because while we are writing, the program gives us selection about what we want to write. And it gives us correctly. In my opinion, it's really enjoyable, and it shapes our ideas. It shows grammatical rules, and shows the possible words which may come after the words that we write. I think it's like a headlight that shows the correct way of writing. Even we are third and fourth year students of English language, we also need this kind of thing. Because we are still doing grammatical mistakes, and we use wrong words in wrong places. We create wrong sentence structure. I think this program will prevent these kinds of mistake.

14 Ekim 2011 Cuma

the use of the technology in teaching and learning is controversial.

ı went to the bank to pay my bills

ı went along the banks of river to fish in